Money for small business development
That money can be called the most important element necessary for the development and expansion of business. First of all, they are needed for advertising campaigns, increasing the staff, finding…

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Mikronishevye shops prove that you can compete with large retail chains, specializing in one type of product, but with the preservation of the greatest diversity. No supermarket or a whole retail chain can afford it.

For example, various types of small spices, as well as a mixture of their own authorship have become what attracts customers to a small shop located not far from supermarkets of food products.

It all started 5 years ago when a work colleague presented his idea for business. Then it turned into a spice trade from around the world. It was the spark that sparked a thriving business, having emerged in the retail trade and the Spice of the world service.

Today we trade not only in the store, but also through the Internet and even from door to door of a private house and in different markets in and outside our region. We can buy spices and seasonings from around the world.

Spices – this is a very convenient product for sale via the Internet from the point of view of the seller. The weight is small, the price is decent. But such a product is not always convenient for the buyer, who often has to pay for delivery more than the cost of the spices themselves. In addition, in online stores is quite high competition.

Therefore, we focus on mobile direct marketing – “door-to-door sales” on a commercial vehicle with a store logo and outdoor advertising. The most important thing here is to think about the logistics routes. Also, with a car, you can sell right near the markets or in other places of a large crowd of people. Mobility today provides a significant advantage in small business!

At the stand of the store you can find agricultural fairs and regional events held.

Among the spices of the world, besides teas, we find exotic probing green coffee, La Pacho, Goji berry or Xylitol or Indian Garmasala … New tastes and herbs attract consumers who are looking forward to asking about them. Cassettes used for the production of sausages, sausages and pastes are popular among home-made meat products manufacturers. Customers most appreciate the mixes created in our “Spice of the world” store. We can confirm this because we tried our own marinade. Its distinguishing feature is that it does not contain salt. Over time, we found a tendency of customer preferences for seasonings and marinades with low salt content. Our clients very often pay attention to this.

When selling spices it was necessary to get all the consent from the Sanepid. The basis for business reliability is the right approach to the client. The store and car used to transport goods must be not only aesthetic and exciting, but above all high standards of sanitary conditions. In this car there is a book for cleaning, containing data on the number of times cleaning in a week and recorded the data when applying sanitary procedures. Everything is regularly monitored by health services – this not only protects against fines, but also significantly affects the image of the business.

One of the pillars of the spice trade was to organize advertising. From the very beginning of the launch of the business idea, it was decided to make business cards, flyers and outdoor advertising on his car used for the door-to-door sale.

There are many diplomas, certificates, certificates of appreciation or awards from those who document the laurels won at competitions in the store on the stand. Undoubtedly, the fame of these successes, of course, is an essential advertising aspect. The Spice of the World spice shop itself is the calling card, not the main source of income for a business. The main profit comes from direct sales from a mobile store on wheels – cars.

We can safely say that the store is one of the attractions in the area of ​​the city. The interior is aesthetic. There is no shortage of exhibited range and goods sold. However, it should be recognized that beautiful bags, transparent bags and handbags are very appreciative packaging material for displaying spices in a shop window.

Our success is also due to the current fashion for cooking, the desire to explore new tastes and trends in the field of health. Herbs and spices are natural products, so they fit perfectly into the fashion trends of modern cooking. We also spend a lot of time on consumer education – providing recipes on the Internet, in blogs and television programs, on the radio, trying to convey what you need to collect for marinades and how to get the best taste of the prepared dish. It also brings its significant effects.

The market also stimulates news and interest in foreign cuisines. This year alone we will present 40 new products. In this area of ​​business, even weak economic sentiment does not frighten. When the economy is worse, our customers stay at home more often and cook homemade food, so they need more spices to make it tastier, healthier and last longer.

Today, healthy lifestyles and nutrition are the dominant trends. Consumers are eating more carefully and becoming more and more aware: they read packaging and commercial compositions. Vegetarian and gluten-free meals are becoming increasingly important for both consumers and food producers. Spices can significantly diversify the taste of vegetarian dishes.

Manufacturers of meat products are actively using spices not only to improve the taste, but also for coloring the appearance of sausages, improving their flavor. This significantly affects the overall impression of customers about the product at the stage of selection.

We are very pleased with this strategic step to increase our savings – to open a spice shop. From the very beginning of the discovery, the dynamics of sales growth showed a long-term potential, especially for our growth.

Money for small business development
That money can be called the most important element necessary for the development and expansion of business. First of all, they are needed for advertising campaigns, increasing the staff, finding…


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