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How to make a million without risking to be bankrupt and develop steadily?

The most profitable are enterprises operating under well-known trademarks with an honorary reputation. The name and strategy of the project can be borrowed from the company “SDEK”, which helps to organize your own business in the field of courier services for the franchise with minimal risk and quick payback.
The advantage of the partnership is:
saving time and money on starting a business;
full-fledged internship training for all employees of the new department at the SDEC training center (with subsequent online support);
access to express delivery technologies based on ERP and CRM systems;
centralized advertising support for your business.
Franchisee receives informational support, business support, the right to use the brand name and the SDEK organization network. A small initial payment, the possibility of applying the accumulated technologies of a business helps to quickly justify investments and achieve good results.
1 Why delivery service?
2 Important to know!
3 Popular destinations for international delivery
4 How to start a franchise business?
Today, market relations require the constant movement of goods around the world. Manufacturers set goals to increase production and improve product quality. As for delivery, they prefer to use intermediaries who have thoroughly mastered the skills of logistics and vehicles. To open a delivery service and transport cargo all over the world is a profitable strategy for a novice entrepreneur.
High-quality delivery from the USA, Europe, Kazakhstan, Belarus has a demand in the market and gives a chance to develop and get a stable profit. This is the opportunity offered by SDEK, subject to the availability of its own financial resources, long-term partnership and promotion of its brand.
To open a business related to international transportation, it is necessary to own or rent a transport, have an information base of customers, personnel working with customs documents, managers, logistics specialists. There are several types of cargo transportation:
Air freight;
Each species has its advantages and disadvantages. Companies engaged in international transport must ensure safe and high-quality delivery of cargo to any destination, escort of valuable cargo, and organization of paperwork. In addition, it is often necessary to transport non-standard, groupage or oversized cargo. To do this, use the railway and container cargo.
Chinese goods are very popular all over the world, since there is a high level of production, investment injections and a large turnover in the producing country. The most profitable delivery of goods from China is due to the low cost of products and optimum quality. If earlier there was a discrepancy between the price and the quality of the products sold, at present, the heavenly Empire supplies decent samples that meet European quality standards.
Businessmen and sales agents most often turn to transport companies to place an order for the delivery of souvenirs, furniture, agricultural machinery and industrial equipment, clothing, footwear, and building materials. Transport organizations conclude up to 30-40% of contracts for deliveries from China, are engaged in international delivery to all cities of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. The purpose of such companies is to create favorable conditions for the work of entrepreneurs, to eliminate the risks and problems associated with international transportation.
Delivery of goods from the USA and Europe to Russia and the CIS is also very popular, however, given the current state of the economy, the situation in these areas may change unpredictably.
Novice businessmen have no experience, reputation, clientele, or sufficient information base, so cooperation with companies offering ready-made business brings success and prosperity. Receiving a stable income and popularity require many years of work, well-established relationships, qualified personnel.All this is a well-known name, training and internships for specialists, free consultations, competent business support and a client base – the company offers “SDEK”.
The way to open a franchise delivery service is simple and affordable. It is enough to contact the franchise department, fill out a form and send a request to the company’s email address and you will become a full partner of the SDEK company.
The international freight business is profitable, but at the same time very responsible. After all, it requires transportation over great distances, often – of perishable products or valuable materials. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the conditions of storage of food products, to guarantee fast delivery. At the request of the client, additional services are often required – cargo security, expedition, unloading and loading operations, customs clearance, temporary warehousing.
If you are going to work on behalf of a well-known company, you need to be ready to meet its high standards of customer service and promptly resolve any tasks for express delivery of goods to anywhere in the world.
Close cooperation with the company “SDEK” will allow you to overcome any difficulties, develop quickly and build up capital.

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