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How to make a million without risking to be bankrupt and develop steadily?

The most profitable are enterprises operating under well-known trademarks with an honorary reputation. The name and strategy of the project can be borrowed from the company “SDEK”, which helps to organize your own business in the field of courier services for the franchise with minimal risk and quick payback.
The advantage of the partnership is:
saving time and money on starting a business;
full-fledged internship training for all employees of the new department at the SDEC training center (with subsequent online support);
access to express delivery technologies based on ERP and CRM systems;
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In which business to invest money: looking for options

For example, you have a small business. Then you better invest in your own business. However, it is worth considering the option that you have not yet opened your own business, but you have some funds that you would like to invest in someone else’s, so that besides the salary from the “uncle” you are working on, you can also get some percentage of participation in the life of another company.
There are several options, but it is important to know that you will have to work quite a lot and the risks will also remain.
In which business to invest money: looking for options
The risk remains always Continue reading


To achieve the goal in business, it is enough to ask questions correctly. The first question. Is there real earnings on the Internet without investments and invitations? Of course! After all, 90% of sites if they did not bring income would not exist at all. The main source of earnings sites – this is advertising. As in any other media business. Even a giant like Google claims 90% of its advertising revenue. Who is interested in creating a website hundreds or thousands of pages, developing and regularly filling it with fresh information for free? That is why we see ads on every site (with the exception of online stores, business cards sites of companies, corporate sites, etc.). The same goes for channels on Youtube. Continue reading

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How do businessmen act in a crisis
Many young entrepreneurs tend to fear the word “crisis”. The moment is rather difficult, crucial, requiring changes both in one’s own consciousness and in actions. Those who are not ready…


Where to get start-up capital for a business?
Who would not want to become the owner of a large company? Perhaps no one would have refused such an opportunity, only the problem, as always, lies in one thing…